One Vote – Free Documentary Screening Opportunity

One Vote – Free Documentary Screening Opportunity

The ALL IN Challenge is thrilled to present an exciting opportunity to all participating campuses.  Christine Woodhouse, the creator of the documentary, One Vote, is offering to screen her film for FREE on a limited number of campuses this fall. Hosting a screening on your campus would be an outstanding addition to your institution’s democratic engagement action plan.

One Vote bears hopeful witness to the humanity and rich diversity of American voters, and to the unsung stories that comprise our exercise of democracy. It is an inspiring film that follows five diverse Americans on election day 2016. At times funny, surprising and heart-wrenching, the film eschews partisan politics in favor of an honest portrayal of voters’ Election Day experiences. As you will see in the trailer and in selected clips, it will move your students to conquer their own obstacles and objections and to participate in the democratic process.

Selected Clips
Clip 1 (password: Shepherdsville)
Clip 2 (password: MarionWilliams)

While Christine maintains full rights to the film, she wants to use it as a means to encourage participation in the democratic process, especially among young people. Screening the film on your campus just requires campuses to plan and promote the event. When possible, Christine or a representative will attend the screening to provide a Q&A opportunity with viewers.

Don’t miss the opportunity to bring this documentary to your campus at no cost. To learn how to, please contact Christine Doeg at