How Are Individuals Recognized?

The ALL IN Campus Democracy Challenge awards educators and students for their commitment to and role in increasing student voting rates on their campus. Three awards—Standout Faculty Award, Standout Administrator Award, and Standout Student Award—are presented to individuals from campuses participating in the ALL IN Challenge.


Awards are presented in recognition of exemplary leadership in helping undergraduate students form the habits of active and informed citizenship and advancing the work of the ALL IN Challenge on campus. Award winners will have:


    • Demonstrated an exceptional commitment to fostering democratic engagement and increasing student voter rates.
    • Made an outstanding impact on making democratic participation a core value.
    • Provided leadership and worked collaboratively across campus and with the community beyond ones program or department on campus.
    • Developed and implemented innovative strategies and programming, inside and/or outside the classroom.


A five-person review committee, selected from the ALL IN Challenge’s Advisory Board, selects the awardees. Nominees must be from an ALL IN Challenge participating campus.