Advisory Board

  • Allison Anderson

    Allison Anderson

    Student, Rider University

    Meet Allison
  • Katherine Cramer

    Katherine Cramer

    Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison

    Meet Kathy
  • Edie Goldenberg

    Edie Goldenberg

    Professor of Political Science and Public Policy and the University of Michigan

    Meet Edie
  • Michael Hanmer

    Michael Hanmer

    Associate Professor, Department of Government and Politics, University of Maryland

    Meet Mike
  • Zachary Intrater

    Zachary Intrater

    Student, Tufts University

    Meet Zachary
  • Martha Kanter

    Martha Kanter

    Executive Director, College Promise Campaign

    Meet Martha
  • Kevin Kruger

    Kevin Kruger

    President, NASPA - Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education

    Meet Kevin
  • Micki Meyer

    Micki Meyer

    Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs - Community, Rollins College

    Meet Micki
  • David Paris

    David Paris

    Executive Editor, Change; The Magazine of Higher Learning

    Meet David
  • Alicia Kolar Prevost

    Alicia Kolar Prevost

    Project Manager, Democracy Fund Voter Study Group

    Meet Alicia
  • Verdis LeVar Robinson

    Verdis LeVar Robinson

    National Manager, The Democracy Commitment

    Meet Verdis
  • Andrew Seligsohn

    Andrew Seligsohn

    President, Campus Compact

    Meet Andrew
  • Nancy Thomas

    Nancy Thomas

    Director, Institute for Democracy & Higher Education, Tisch College of Civic Life, Tufts University

    Meet Nancy
  • Kjerstin Thorson

    Kjerstin Thorson

    Assistant Professor, Department of Advertising & Public Relations, Michigan State University

    Meet Kjerstin